Radio London 1983

Not all recorded Robbie radio soul shows can be exactly dated. I have to rely on  cassette tapes often buried away with general rubbish and dates illegible on the information label.


This  one has been  authenticated as a BBC Radio London Saturday lunchtime show December 17th 1983.  If you were in Saudi Arabia, at sea with the Royal Navy, stationed in the Falklands or working in the North Sea at the time you could well feature on one of the many dedications. A musical flavour of the year on a recording that as usual is warts and all and yes we do fall off the end of the cassette. As Billy Griffin sings Serious!

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12 Responses

  1. steve holling says:

    DeJa Vu indeed Robbie…….Just what the doctor ordered,much needed in this crazy world today.regards to you and yours stay safe. steve.

  2. steve holling says:

    Anyone know the name of the Casiopea track,also the one that falls off……obviously not Mr Griffin. Cheers Steve.

  3. Mark McCarthy says:

    I look forward to listening after lunch
    Best Regards as always

  4. keith martin says:

    I always new that if i kept these tapes for long enough they would be useful again not like the throw away music of today

  5. Mark Butler says:

    The last track that falls off at the end of the recording is ‘It’s Time For Love’ by Pieces Of A Dream from the 1983 album ‘Imagine This’.

  6. kieron hall says:

    Great memories Robbie, have about 150 cassettes from late 70’s to early eighties, you are welcome to have them [ but i would like them back please]

  7. Brian Low says:

    150 cassettes Keiron and I thought I had loads, well about 80 – still listen to them from time to time. Both Robbie fans huh !
    Brian L

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