CLASSIC 1979 RADIO SHOW (part two)

Part two of a recently harvested classic BBC Radio London Saturday show again gives a flavour of some popular rhythms of the time.

This All Winners show is a good indication of what sort of tunes were moving into funky, soulful, and jazz music collections.

Record  Mirror 1

A good source of music news from October 1979. The bigger and better Record Mirror dance and soul music coverage.

We hear from Graham Canter DJ at Gullivers Club in London’s West End and his personal selection of an all time winner.

This recording like part one has had no warts removed and is typical of home recording. The C90 cassette was a popular record source 45 minutes each side. Problem came when in a vital chart rundown for instance, the number one was announced and played 45 minutes and two seconds in. The C90 waited for no one. Our recording did not wait it just vanishes

Around this time the excellent James Hamilton, a huge black music fan DJ and journalist, consolidated his Record Mirror contributions with expanded coverage of all that was Disco. All that was Disco did embrace plenty of soulful and jazzy rhythms as the Disco chart for that week in 1979 shows.

Record  Mirror 2

A chart from October 1979 Spot the tracks you would recommend to someone you don’t like very much.


James also included breaking cuts with his network of working jocks contributing their lists of newer material warming dance floors. This week included Sweetest Pain Dexter Wansell, Love Will Bring Us Back Together Roy Ayers, Lonnie Liston Smith Expansions, Positive Force We Got The Funk, and Jay Hoggard West End Dance.

Press the SAC90 (the posh cassette) button and join The Upminster Funk Travel Club and the Norbury Nightwalkers – bizarrely only had one member –for a classic BBC Radio London Saturday show.

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8 Responses

  1. Steve says:

    Do you remember a request for pavement head the crocodile. Great music cheers

  2. Colin says:

    Robbie! Love ya online site. Followed you from BBC Radio London 1974/5/6/7 ish! To R1, Jazz Fm etc, miss’n u now! When can we hear “Radio Robbie” ! Miss in u on airwaves & online. Tc C.

    • Geoff Hewins says:

      I agree it’s a great shame this legendary man Robbie Vincent is no longer on the air! What wonderful encyclopedic knowledge and some great tunes would be heard again!

  3. Mark McCarthy says:

    Glad to see more and more of BBC Radio London Robbie V shows are being unearthed.

  4. Paul James says:

    Iv’e quite a few old Robbie shows circa 83 on tape – reasonable quality .
    Anybody interested in a digital copy – please feel free to email me

  5. Neill says:

    I don’t usually use “OMG” but I need to now – OMG! I used to have a recording of this show too (gone now like all the others) but I just about wore it out with the 3 Donald Byrd tracks and all the others. In fact, I had to buy almost every single track that was played on that show. Robbie, you did cost me a lot of money in those days. Some of the vinyl is still with me now but a lot of that has also gone (like the tapes). But it’s a great reminder of how fantastic the Saturday show really was.

  6. chylo says:

    Great memories. Do you remember a shout for 5 Leicester lads grapepicking in the South of France for two girls from Basildon? Of course you don’t! You thought that the message was cryptic. It was!! Radio London Saturday Show September 1980. Still searching for it. Anybody help? My jazz funk holy grail. Got all of you shows from ’78 and one from 77 (the long hot soulful summers) and more besides. May the funk be with you.

  7. Martin says:

    Robbie Vincent…A great era in my life?

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