The Sound Of Sunday Night

robbie_vincent_radio_1This is part one of a show broadcast on January 12th 1986. It featured a selection of listener favourites and I think is a good example of just what good musical taste listeners had. Remember this is a Radio One still ruled by Smashie and Nicey. A Ha were about to take over from The Pet Shop Boys at the top of the pop charts.

Included is a classic music for a candlelit dinner and if you were born around late September 1986 you should ask your parents what they were doing on Sunday evening January 12th 1986. I still blush remembering some of the stories listeners shared about candle lit Sunday night goings on. It is amazing what music can do to us.

You will hear the Atomic Dog as the World Turns Blue and much more.

And yes, I do fall off the end of the famous C60 cassette recording. The C6O waits for no one


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10 Responses

  1. Mark McCarthy says:

    Cool stuff from way back, good to hear again!
    I Look forward to hearing pt 2.
    Best Regards

  2. Tim Blanc says:

    I had a collection of over 800 cassette tapes, the first song on the first cassette was Maze, Right on Time , played by Mr Vincent on his Radio London Saturday Morning Show back in 83, find memories with record and play….my taste in music stems from Robbbie and I believe I now own on vinyl close to 90% of the songs he played over those years. You are a legend.

  3. Andy Hardy says:

    Robbie – it’s me again!
    Amongst my 70+ tapes of your edited shows I have a 10 minute long recording of a ‘Supermix’ that you played mid April 2006 – it won 3rd prize in a live mixing competition in Holland.
    Do you want it to add it to your blogg?
    If so I can send it on CD/dongle.
    Or I can put it on Youtube (I’m ‘ahhhhhsoul’ on there)

    Your fellow sexagenerain, Andy Hardy

  4. dazza says:

    i was reminiscing on youtube listening to old eighties funk tunes and thought of sunday nights with robbie vincent, found this and couldnt believe it, i used to record your show every week pretty much. i had 2 dustbin liners full of c90 tapes, there probably still in the loft lol. used to love sunday nights 🙂

  5. steve holling says:

    Hi,Anyone out there in Robbie land,or even the maestro himself remember a track played on radio 1 show circa 1986 by Prime Time entitled Night Beat.Trying to get hold of it don’t know however,which album it was from,or indeed was a single. Any help would be great.Steve.

  6. bob cartwright says:

    As a fine artist I listened to Robbie s selection of music ( my cassettes are almost worn out ) and think of my youth and the women I was fortunate to have loved and respected. The music, the dreams now memories lost in a world of indifference. Robbie Vince is still missed from the airwaves today.

  7. Jimbo says:

    Steve, I’ve got that track. Leave a reply with a contact email.

  8. Marky Mark says:

    Robbie I used to listen & record your shows on a Sunday night in 84/5/6. In between stints in saudi & the middle east as a young whipper snapper. I took the tapes out to the hospital lab where I worked at the time. Unbelievable. Ended up buying all the stuff I liked on vinyl. Fabulous to hear you again mate – you made such massive difference to my life mate. POSITIVE STUFF Robbie. Thanks mate & respect to you.

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