The On Air Candlelit Dinner

Some more tracks from the popular candle lit dinner feature on my Radio 1 show in the 80’s.

When You Love Someone – Maze

The wonderful Frankie Beverley purveyor of fine music.

The wonderful Frankie Beverley purveyor of fine music.

Secret Fantasy – The Controllers

Walk With Me – Craig T Cooper

Broken Wings – Rodney Franklin.

On Sunday March 3rd 1985, one of our favourite Philly stars introduced just about the most requested candle lit dinner tune ever. He co-wrote it and was a last minute surprise guest on the Radio 1 evening show.

Get a flavour of the show and hear our special surprise guest just one click away below.

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3 Responses

  1. sean says:

    Hi Robbie, great to hear you on the radio again (well sort of) you sounded younger in ’85 🙂

  2. Mark McCarthy says:

    Cool stuff Robbie Keep it coming
    and Iam Listening now on my phone as I type on it!
    I have found a very interesting tape in my collection from yourself
    on BBC radio London in 1980! at the Lambeth country fair.which Iam working on to restore and because it is scoped, Iam working to re imagine it
    .I recorded it as I was there that day. I hit a small snag with it at the moment.
    If you want anymore info please don’t hesitate to contact me at this email address. You may recall you had three or four special guests that day!
    Maybe you might want to feature an article in one of your blogs,and maybe it might prompt others to see if they have any similar lurking somewhere,
    I remember there was another guy that day oddly enough with exactly the same model of Hitachi boombox as me he was recording too. I hope this makes sense as my typing skills are almost as legendary as my handwriting!
    Best Regards

  3. Mark McCarthy says:

    PS I think that should have read .I have hit a small snag!

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