Radio 1 Saturday Soul

I have continued to harvest Radio Shows liberated from places like boxes in lofts.  Most continue to fly the flag for those old fashioned cassettes and all the problems that went with them. Playback fast or slow drop outs and of course falling off the end when your recording had filled the C90.


First in a series of three is a Radio 1 show from the early 1980’s when the programme was broadcast on a Saturday. It is a very popular All Winners show which included an Anita Baker concert. Let me know if you can  work out the actual broadcast date. Genuine warts and all recording.

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12 Responses

  1. David says:

    used to love listening to your shows taping them and taking them on Holiday and getting the Spanish bars to play them , even used to have the nothing to declare but smuggled funk tee shirt

  2. Geoff Hewins says:

    Thanks Robbie happy days!

  3. Mark Butler says:

    The broadcast date has really got me stumped. I printed off pretty much all of the Radio One playlists from the BBC Written Archive in Reading a few years ago now. I found the Anita Baker concert from the Rapture tour which looks like it was transmitted twice in August 1986 and then again in the first weeks of January 1987 but none of the tracks in this All Winners Show match up. As this show lasts 1.5 hours, I’m wondering if it is from later on when the Radio One show went from 2 to 3 hours.

    Are you able to put me out of my misery?

    • steve holling says:

      I would love to get hold of Robbie´s playlists from the BBC archives. Can I access the lists from a website or would I need to go in person to the BBC in Reading?

  4. Mark Mccarthy says:

    Hi Robbie /Guys If the concert was the recorded for broadcast on BBC Radio London Concert on October 21st 1988 (reference the internet) then this show may well be around this period time as the concert recording would have been possibly repeated on BBC Radio one,

    Also Robbie you played a track on here from Perri, it was the title cut from their album ‘The Flight’ which was released in 1988 so quite possibly the concert you are mentioning on this show is the Anita Baker concert which may have been from the UK leg of her ”Giving you the best that I’ve got” concert tour.
    This concert may have been from Wembley arena. ( I looked this up on the net too!) this might give someone a better clue to the date of this show which I think is possibly late October 1988 maybe from Saturday’s the 22nd-29th of October or the 6th 13th Nov 1988 or within a month of the concert recording.
    I did just a little research on this with the Perri track as the clue which I know was from early ish 1988 as the clue and also, were Perri not a support act or either in the show as backing group /singers for Anita baker? I say this as they are mentioned on the show here by you Robbie when talking about the upcoming concert recording

  5. Mark Butler says:

    As you say Mark, the clue was the Perri track from ‘The Flight’ but also the Roger Troutman track from ‘Unlimited’ which did not come out until 1987. However, I was also intrigued by Robbie’s mention that Maze were back in the studio. It couldn’t be their 1986 ‘Can’t Stop The Love’ album or the ‘Live in Los Angeles’ album as ‘When You Love Someone’ heard on this show was one of their studio tracks recorded for that album. So it had to be ‘Silky Soul’ that they were in the process of recording.

    I’ve gone back and looked through the playlists that I have for 1988 and 1989 and have found it. It was indeed the Anita Baker concert recorded at Wembley Arena from the ‘Giving You The Best That I Got’ tour. There are 2 dates mentioned on the playlist next to the concert which are 21/10/1988 and 25/11/1988 both Fridays. I think the October 1988 date is the record date and the November 1988 date says ‘1st TX date’ but I don’t know what that means. But this All Winners Show aired on Saturday 28/1/1989. It looks like a lot of Robbie’s All Winners Shows were transmitted in January probably to get us into the new year.

    Thanks again Robbie for another good harvest.

  6. Mark McCarthy says:

    I oddly enough looked at the Maze track too but Iooked at a reference which was technicalky incorrect! I missed the Roger track.
    I have the Sily soul album but did not have it to hand. As far as I can remember Tx date means ransmission date! II Ought to know that really
    Thanks for your response
    Best Mark

  7. Mike Green says:

    I remember first listening as a young teenager in the early 1970’s to your late night phone in show on Radio London when you used to do the link ups with a Radio Station in New York! You revealed your funky side and sowed the seeds of my funky then when introducing Boogie Nights by Heatwave for the first time in those early days.

    Now here I am in Sunny Melbourne, Australia some 40 years later reliving my youth. And the music still sounds as fresh and unique as the day you first broadcast it. I can’t thank you enough for opening the gate to the musical garden of funk and soul music. If only we knew then what we now know! Thank you

  8. sean says:

    I had this show on tape too, I recognise it, I knew the Perry Sisters track was coming.
    It was one of my favorite recordings of Robbie’s shows! I listened to it over and over again.
    I remember when Robbie had the Saturday show I used to set the C90 running go down the pub and pop back home to turn it over so I got both sides recorded 🙂

    The tracks bring back to me the great feeling I had at the time but as to the date, hmmm I’m too old to remember.

    Thanks very much for sharing this show from the 80’s Robbie
    Stay well

  9. Mark says:

    If anyone has a copy of the Robbie Vincent show which featured a Zapp concert, I would certainly like to hear that one again.

  10. Mark Butler says:

    I’ve found this link for a website that may be useful. It looks like anyone can add submissions to build their database.

    By the way, if anyone can upload the Robbie Vincent Radio One show that featured a concert by Zapp from Sunday 15th June 1986, I would love to hear it again.


  11. Dave Crabb says:

    Brillaint! Outstanding. “Tie yourself down”…..”Got out of my bath chair”!

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