Life Before Text and Tweet

I have been able to harvest a BBC Radio London Saturday show broadcast on October 27th 1979.

It was one of the very popular “All Winners” shows and listening back it reminded me what an important part dedications played. An early version of what in the 1990’s became Texts and in 2006 Tweets.

Check your own social media messaging service and I am sure stories of bikini’s being rounded up by interlopers appear in some form as do the latest antics of tribes like The Larkfield Loonies or Brixton Frontline. Tribal names may have vanished but groups of friends would now share the sort of information a Saturday show dedication did over 35 years ago.

Part one opens with The Brothers Johnsons Streetwave and gives us a real flavour of some of the top tunes of the time. Hard working DJ’s like Tom Holland and Chris Brown pick their favourites but Sean French falls off the end of the recording before we actually hear his pick.

Chris Brown picked a Bob James track. On extreme left with Larry Carlton,Harvey Mason, Nathan East and in the middle Robbie Vincent.

Chris Brown picked a Bob James track (Bob On extreme left with Larry Carlton,Harvey Mason, Nathan East and in the middle Robbie Vincent).

The pop charts around this time featured Video Killed The Radio Star by Buggles, One Day At A Time Lena Martell, The Chosen Few The Dooleys, and Luton Airport Cats UK. A million miles away from some of the Saturday show tunes Latimore, Donald Byrd, Benny Golson, Kool And The Gang and so on.

Bikinee stylee 1970's

Bikinee stylee 1970’s

This is part one with great music, the girls in chalet 520 who know the Watford Wally’s pinched their bikinis and were you Bill a prisoner on B Wing Aylesbury Prison number A05505 and what happened. All on this recording.


The Big Red Doors of Aylesbury Prison


Like all good homemade recordings its warts and all. In the old days, a C90 cassette lasted 45 minutes per side. DJ Sean French fell off the end of this recording before he could tell us his personal choice. I know it was something by Ripple but cassette recordings wait for no man and 45 minutes was up.


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10 Responses

  1. Nick Spicer says:

    Thanks for posting this show Robbie it brought back some good memories.

  2. Chris Treacy says:

    Great post, thanks Robbie! I particularly enjoyed the Bob James track, was only listening to “3” the other day…. Great music never dies. I’ve plenty of old tapes myself, though no full shows, I had a tendency to make mix tapes on a double tape deck, from your and Greg Edwards shows. Shhhhh…
    Been watching TOTP repeats and I can tell you, an all winners show from 1980 would take some beating, it was a classic year for funk and soul. But in the absence of that, this tape, warts and all is a fabulous substitute!
    All the best
    Chris Treacy

  3. Mark McCarthy says:

    So many of your old shows out there appearing slowly but surely Robbie. This was thoroughly enjoyable to listen to,and the timing of the dedications helped the show seamlessly between the funky tunes with the individual humour in the letters and some of the vernacular of the time helping the reminiscence.. Thanks again,keep the blogs coming. Oh and just a small bit of info re Chris of the Watford Wallies Whom you mentioned on the aforementioned recording just in case you ever Wondered what some of your listeners from back then are doing now).Chris lives in Las Vegas Nevada USA and has done since 1991.His brother also a Watford Wally lives in Yokohama Japan.
    Cheers again

  4. Mark McCarthy says:

    Sorry about the typos above again, I Must check more thoroughly before posting

  5. Jeff Slade says:

    Blimey, I remember this show! Takes me right back Robbie…I went to see Larry Carlton in Birmingham the other week (in fact my friends were supporting him).. He hasn’t aged a bit from your photo!…wonder what his secret is?

  6. Roger says:

    No musical reference, but I remember ‘Jay, Noel and Mickey from Aylesbury prison’ being popular too. Where are they now?

  7. Kevin Weymes says:

    OMG! This brings back some great memory’s, Robbie Vincent was and still is an inspiration to all things Jazz, Funk and Soul #ifitmovesfunkit

  8. Pete says:

    Saturday mornings in Tracks in Hoddesdon. I walk in and Martin puts on some expensive Japanese import, hoping for my leg to start moving in time with the rhythm, and ensuring that I’d leave a good few bob lighter. And then they’d put you on at eleven or whenever it was and hope you’d encourage me to buy even more. Didn’t though, just went home and listened to you there, making my purchase list for next week. So you still made me spend, Robbie !

  9. Robbie Vincent, Sir you wrote the soundtrack to my youth, and that i shall be eternerly grateful till the day the good Lord takes me : )) Thank You So Very Much!!

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