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Not to be sneered at are the open top bus tours operating in some of our favourite European Cities.

My top five and bottom one follow.

At the top.


On the way to see The Tart With The Cart.

On the way to see The Tart With The Cart.


Great tour on the green double decker bus with a commentary full of Irish humour. I love the irreverence of the Irish and this tourist trip will not let you down. The Molly Malone statue is of course dubbed “the tart with the cart” and you get to see the Government buildings, Dublin Castle and St Patricks Cathedral. On a short visit this really is the best way to decide what you need to see close up and the perfect way to quick City orientation.


Too rich in must sees so choose the route that fits your idea of what is best in this City. The all important commentary is first class and a drive by the Arch de Triomphe on the Champs Elysees might be all you need leaving time for a close look at some of the sights the Seine and river side life have to offer. Red double deck buses look great in Paris.


Start from near Waverley Rail Station off Princess Street. This bus tour must win prizes for mixing classical literature with wizadry witchcraft and one of the world’s richest women in just a few minutes. Add to that public hangings and you are still only skimming the surface of this extraordinary history rich City. The Sir Walter Scott Monument and David Livingstone statue are not a bad start to a tour that takes in the J. K. Rowling guide to saving money on heating bills. As she formulated the Harry Potter stories, you will see The Elephant Cafe a warm environment serving to J.K that cup of coffee that seemed to last forever. Perfect for a cash starved author. Also on this tour George Heriot’s School, the inspiration for Hogwart’s School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, helping J.K. earn enough to buy as many Elephants Cafes as she liked.

Hogwort inspiration.

Hogwort inspiration.

Back to earth as you drive past the site of the last public hanging inside the City walls. In 1864, 20 thousand people turned up to see George Bryce executed. Edinburgh Cities hangman had been murdered so a guest hangman was employed and made such a mess of the execution it directly led to the great and the good of Edinburgh putting a stop to public executions.



The highlight of this double deck tour has to be getting close to the world famous murals on buildings overlooking the River Saone -they really are something special. Top commentary to keep you interested too.


mini nice train

This is not a double deck bus trip but a mini-train. No better way to see one of Winston Churchill’s favourite Cities. Chug along the wonderful Promenade des Anglais through the Flower Market sample the Old Town and much more. A real fun way to get a quick feel of the area and if the weather is good, it makes it even more enjoyable.



The commentary was like a dry lecture. It got so boring I turned it off after 30 minutes. The whole experience was as exciting as being forced to watch Formula 1 car racing or being locked in a room with only a Smooth radio station to listen too. Yes that bad. The double deck bus trip to give a huge miss.

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